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Advanced Sat Nam Rasayan Class by Hari Singh & Hari Nam Kaur

Date(s) - 11 juni 2022
10:00 - 13:00

Golden Link

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In the last times of his life, Guru Dev stated that you don’t learn to be a healer, you are a healer. And you can heal. In this advanced class we would like to work with the shadow part of the mind as a healer. This means you have a main flow that’s obstructing you and the way to release them so an emptiness appears. In this emptiness we will start to work with how to improve the security in a human being. The earth is moving and the planets are moving , we must learn to not move and still absorb all the effects the movements produce.

Homework will be given after the class to sustain the flow produced in class. Also there will be room for questions if needed.

Hari & Hari Nam

Wha he Guru


Golden Link, Den Texstraat 46, 1017ZC,  Amsterdam

Payment options:

  • Bring cash at the door
  • Pay in advance by bank-transfer to Stichting Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, NL98RABO 0156122022