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29 september zondag

Karam Kriya for Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s (and students)

29 september 2018, 00:00 - 30 september 2018, 23:59
Volendam, Parallelweg 33
Volendam, Nederland

START 29 September 20 min from Amsterdam cs The Netherlands


This new course is open to all. The course is particularly aimed at certified Kundalini Yoga teachers who would like to deepen and expand their understanding and practice of the Level 1 teacher training topics. We explore the topics (see below this page) with the universal wisdom of the number’s as our backbone/ compass.
You will gain awareness and will enrich your vocabulary about these theme’s which you can adapt in your yoga class but also in your daily life.
The course will be facilitated by a team of international KK and KY trainers. Each weekend will comprise presentations of topics, group activities, meditative conversation, and the practice of specific kriyas and meditations. There will also be an early morning Sadhana program on Sundays.
The training will be held in Amsterdam/ The Netherlands (5 weekends), with the final 4 days residential module
taught by Shiv Charan Singh at the Karam Kriya School’s headquarters, the Quinta do Rajo Ashram in Portugal.

29-30 September Weekend 1 (number 7). Introduction. Karam Kriya as a tool for understanding the self and the
world. The relation between KK and KY. Karam Kriya, the mind and right
understanding. Meditative practice in the teaching space and in life.

17-18 November Weekend 2 (number 5) The body, the nervous system and the voice as multidimensional
interfaces and instruments for creativity. The paradox and sacrifice of the teacher.
Life and teaching as experience and experimentation. The dialogue as meditative
practice. Five voices. The language of numbers and the vocabulary of Karam Kriya.

26-27 Januari Weekend 3 (number 1). The soul dimension. KK and KY as discovery of and connection to the
deeper self. Life as the dharmic journey of the soul. Anchoring and connecting to
the vertical axis. The integrity of the teacher and the student. Mul Mantra.
(number 2). KK and KY as modes of encountering and harnessing life’s polarities.
The appropriate use of no, the negative mind and the creative use of sexual energy.
How to approach needs and addictions, and develop devotion.
(number 3). The forms and Kriyas of KY. The positive mind. KK and KY as a tools
to re-write your history, dissolve karmic patterns, generate new ways of life, habits
and modes of thinking. Joy, play and roles in the theatre of life.
(number 4). The opening of the heart and the development of the neutral mind. Seva
and prayer. Productive choices. The art of KY and KK. Manifesting inner beauty.
The teacher and the student as artist of the self.

2-3 March Weekend 4 (number 6). The spiritual warrior. Developing presence, intuition, response-ability,
connecting to the invisible dimensions of the self and the world through KK and KY
.(number 8). Compassion, re-balance and right use of energy and power. KK and KY
as tools for mental and physical purification and access to prana.
(number 9). The mystery and subtlety of the teachings. KK, KY and the connection
to the subtle body and the cosmic dimension of being. Developing patience,
endurance and tolerance. Having a reference of reverence.

13-14 April Weekend 5 (number 10, 11, 12). Developing courage and radiance of being through KK and KY. Deep
listening as an approach to life and the teachings. Perceive everything in its relation
to the whole.
Final residential module (optional) with Shiv Charan Singh at Quinta do Rajo, Portugal (4 days).

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Begin: 29 september 2018
Einde: 30 september 2018
Kosten: 742,50euro
Venue Name: Volendam
Address: Parallelweg 33
Volendam, Nederland

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Telefoon: 0623487109
Organizer Name: Sada Sat Simran Kaur
Telefoon: 0623487109